TIPS for Networking

TIPS for Networking

1. Dress to Impress

We encourage all of our TIPS members to dress in their best business casual, unless, of course, the event is themed (i.e. Halloween, The White Party, The Black & White Gala).

2. Bring a Friend

It’s always easier to mix and mingle when you have a pal with you. Most of our events offer Early Bird – Get One Give One tickets to make it easier to bring a colleague.

3. Come Early

We find that the early arrivers usually get the best networking in. You witness everyone’s entrance and it’s easier to talk and get to know our members before all of the 100+ attendees show up.

4. Read Up on the News

Though we never encourage talking politics or religion, it is good to be on top of the news. It’s easy conversation when you can discuss the latest going on around the world.

5. Be warm, be generous, be competent

Research shows that people evaluate everyone they meet in terms of warmth and competence. Warmth is the winner when it comes to which one matters more (Eric Barker The Week).

6. Bring Plenty of Business Cards

Bringing business cards allows for you to painlessly exchange information with everyone you encounter.

7. The Three Golden Questions

Before you leave any meeting or encounter, you always should ask the Three Golden Questions – curtesy of Eric Barker from The Week

1. “How can I help you?” This gives you an opportunity to add value immediately with a suggestion, a referral, or an opportunity, and it will establish you as a giver and potentially someone they want to know.

2. “What ideas do you have for me?” Asking for ideas allows the people you are talking with to add value to you as you have (hopefully) added value to them.

3. ”Who else do you know that I should talk to?” The very connection you need may be in this individual’s network, and the only way you can find out is with this question.


Have fun, what’s the point of networking without it?!